Blackberry Key2 announced by TCL, with improved physical keyboard experience


Blackberry Key2

In a world dominated by smartphones with edge-to-edge displays, notches and virtual typing keyboards, in 2018 Blackberry continues its tradition on delivering devices that offer a tad different user experience.

This week, TCL Group introduced the Blackberry Key2, an upgraded version of KEYOne from last year, but this time around the Blackberry handset with a physical QWERTY keyboard gets a bit better at everything. First off, Blackberry Key2 comes with a diamond grip non-slippery textured back and durable Aluminium alloy frame, it is slightly taller not because of its 4.5″ screen (which by the way is the same one from last year), but because the QWERTY keyboard height has been increased by 20% for comfort and typing accuracy. Oh, and the keyboard has a matte finish now (glossy keyboard on the previous Blackberry KEYOne). The keyboard is also touch responsive and it has a dedicated ‘Speed’ key to be able to switch between apps by pressing it and a designated button. This is used as a shortcut for fast switching from one app to another (say – switching from Chrome browser to Gmail app with the press of two buttons).