Grim Soul – A Medieval Dark Fantasy Survival [Game of the Week]


Grim Soul

Another week came to a close, and it is that time of the weekend when we propose to you our newly discovered Android game of the week.

So, this week our pick is Grim Soul developed by Kefir! A survival MMORPG whose story unfolds in a province shrouded in darkness called Plaguelands (go figure), where its inhabitants have been turned into lost ghouls, zombie knights and blood thirsty witches. While wandering through Plaguelands, your goal is to loot as much as possible and to defeat the monsters that come your way (obviously), but to do so you have to learn how to craft the necessary resources to survive, join a clan to vanquish your enemies, and build fortresses, a castle to protect yourself especially during the night-time from the undead that are crawling these forsaken lands.