HTC officially announces U12+ flagship smartphone! Pricing and other technical details!


HTC has finally took the wraps off of its 2018 flagship smartphone, after multiple leaks which confirmed pretty much everything there was to reveal by HTC.

HTC officially announces U12+ (Plus) flagship device

HTC’s U12+ smartphone is almost entirely of Gorilla Glass 5 with its signature Liquid Surface design, but the phone is quite tall and wide for it to be comfortably hold in the in the hand by most people, which is why HTC had to introduce a One-hand feature triggered by a double tap on the side of the handset. Yes, the U12+ comes with Edge Sense v2.0 technology (pressure sensitive edges), which now allows taps as well along with the usual squeezes. It’s not a bad idea to trigger the camera with a tap gesture or through a simple squeeze of the phone.