Realistic 3D graphics Android games you should start playing today!


Now that smartphones have enough processing power in them (can rival computers in some cases) Android game developers are now able to develop very realistic gaming experiences for mobile devices running Google’s mobile operating system.

For today, our editors have picked two action packed games with high-quality 3D mobile graphics.

Ire Blood Memory

Realistic 3D graphics Android games

The first game called Ire – Blood Memory (developed by Tenbirds) is an action RPG taking place in a virtual brutal dark world where you play an anonymous champion (knight) who goes on a pilgrimage to piece together a broken realm, and to subdue the evil forces that took over. 

You might think this is an easy hack’n’slash game, but it isn’t. It takes skills, training and tactics to defeat the enemy that comes your way. To be able to play Ire you need a stable internet connection and a high-end smartphone, otherwise it will lag / freeze on slower Android devices. It will also take a while to get used to its controls.

Ire – Blood Memory is playable in quest mode (campaigns), hunt mode (player vs player), and you can go into raids and defeat bosses


Iron Throne

The second game is called Iron Throne, and it is a MMORPG with stunning visuals. You can build your own kingdom and armies, join raids in real-time with real players from all over the world, form alliances and defeat the enemies in one of the best mobile strategy games available to Android users.

Developed by Netmarble, Iron Throne is available in four modes: 

  • Battle Royale – Fight a purely strategic match on equal grounds without losing units
  • Team Deathmatch – Dominate the battleground with fantastic team play
  • Dimensional Battle – Follow the epic history and unfold the game’s story
  • Town Mode – Solve the mysterious and dangerous quests with your castle’s townsfolk