Tips to make your game go viral


Tips to make your game go viral

If you are a Android game developer, the most important thing that you want for every game you develop is for it to go viral. By viral, we mean that the game has to reach every one of your target audience. As engaging and fun your game might be, nowadays it’s not enough to reach viral status because there are so many similar games out there for users to pick from, which is why you need to find ways to promote it. And this is no easy feat but with some help, it is doable. The following tips can help your game reach your target audience.

Utilise the power of content marketing

The most important step that you can take after you finish developing your game is to take advantage of content marketing. For the best results, you need to employ the services of top digital marketing agencies such as miami SEO agency, agencies that help you in creating search engine optimised content and also placing that content at sites where many gamers can see it. The content has to be engaging and it has to explain in detail why people should play the game.

Social sharing

When developing your game, you need to add social sharing buttons so that your customers can easily promote your game with friends and family. It’s been proven by a global survey that 46 percent of gamers share games on social media platforms with their friends. Some of the top social media platforms that you can use to make your game go viral include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Offer rewards

In order to encourage more people to flock to your game and also to retain those players who have already downloaded your game, you need to offer them something in return. It’s been proven that people in general including gamers love a reciprocal relationship rather than one in which one party is always giving and the other receiving. In this instance, you need not only ask gamers to download your game but you need to give them something so that they keep coming back. Common rewards you can give are loyalty points for those that open your game every day or you can offer some free spins when a gamer shares the game on five different social media platforms with his/her friends.

Social leaderboards

In addition to offering rewards, you also need to add social leaderboards on your game. Gamers love it when they compete with other humans, they find gratification in defeating other and winning, therefore, you need to make sure that your game appeals to gamers in this sense. A social leaderboard can come in different forms i.e. it can be a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly competition.

Use current trends

While the above tips are important once you have developed your game, this tip is for those who haven’t yet developed a game but planning to do so. Before developing a game, make sure that you take advantage of current trends if you want the game to go viral. Currently, meme-based games are the leading games be it video games or other game genre, therefore, your game stands a better chance to go viral if you use this current trend.