Galaxy S9 Burgundy Red allegedly caught on camera


Galaxy S9 Burgundy Red

In 2017 it took Samsung Electronics over 6 months before the company released a Burgundy Red variant of its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. It appears it will take Samsung twice as less time to launch red variants of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in 2018. That if these images are for real as the source is not confirmed as being 100% trustworthy.

Galaxy S9 Burgundy Red allegedly caught on camera

Nonetheless, the Galaxy S9 Burgundy Red and S9 Plus Burgundy Red look pretty neat, although the quality of the leaked images posted on Twitter by Ice Universe username are terrible at best, meaning that they could be fake.

Whether what we see in these images is the real deal or not, we know for certain that each year Samsung is readying such Red variants of its flagship devices. How long it will take Samsung to release them and make them available on our continent, we can’t say. We will have to wait and see.