Android Things v1.0 is now official! Google’s IoT OS


Android Things

A couple of years after Google introduced Android Things operating system to developers, the system is finally mature enough to launch as a fully fledged platform for Internet of Things (smart objects).

Android Things v1.0 is finally official!

According to Google’s official announcement Android Things v1.0 supports production System-on-Modules (SoMs) based on the following hardware platforms: NXP i.MX8M, Qualcomm SDA212 and SDA624 as well as MediaTek’s MT8516. Those interested in ANdroid Things know that it supports for development platforms such as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and NXP i.MX7D.

These modules are certified for production use with guaranteed long-term support for three years, making it easier to bring prototypes to market. Development hardware and reference designs for these SoMs will be available in the coming months, says Google

For detailed information about Android Things v1.0 features and APIs follow the link here. Also here for behavior and changes in Google’s Android Things platform since 2016, when the platform was merely an alpha version.

Android Things introduces security and timely software updates over the air (OTA), something that all IoT devices were lacking until recently. Expect system stability fixes and security patches on all the above production hardware platforms as well as automatic updates feature being enabled by default for all IoT devices.