Darkness Survival – Dungeon crawler RPG for Android


Darkness Survival

I stumbled upon this little gem called Darkness Survival by Zero++ Software, a role-playing game reminiscent of Diablo or Torchlight, which is playable on Android devices.

The game is basically a hack and slash, kind of, game where you play this girl character who has to go through each level of a dark dungeon to unlock its secrets, and in the process you have to slash the creatures that come your way in order to save the world.

Darkness Survival is a dungeon crawler-based RPG which may be a little frustrating at times (when your character dies and you have to start all over anew), because it is stripped of its items (the character basically loses them), but you get to keep the runes and the recipes crafted along the way in what the developers calls ‘Particle of Memory‘, which will allow your character to develop abilities / powers by using the runes as well as making powerful artifacts (potions, scrolls etc) with the help of the recipes in your inventory.

The game is a great time killer with decent graphics, a pretty good story and not bad gameplay for an RPG played on an Android device.

Darkness Survival is free to download via Google’s Play store.