LG G6 smartphones receive Android Oreo update as of April 30. More devices to follow


LG G6 smartphones receive Android Oreo update

LG G6 smartphones receive Android Oreo update

Good news today for LG G6 and LG V30 users from LG Electronics concerning the firmware upgrade of their phones to Android 8.0 Oreo. The South Korean company which recently launched its Global Software Upgrade Center in Seoul, has announced that it will begin rolling out Oreo firmware update to G6 handsets owners. It is not Android v8.1, but still it is Oreo with a lot of bug fixes, stability improvements, OS functionality, speed and battery optimization.

LG has also confirmed today that beside G6 users, those who own an LG V20 and an LG G5 will also be receiving an upgrade to Android Oreo (no timeframe announcement yet).

The latest firmware which will bring the G6 device to Android 8.0 Oreo will be rolled out on April 30 through a software update notification (wireless) or by connecting your smartphone to a PC/laptop that has the LG Bridge program, which you can download from LG’s official website, in the Download & Support Software section.

What’s coming along with Android v8.0:

Android 8.0 ‘Oreo’ speed, battery and basic performance, screen configuration, graphics and overall improved. You can enjoy various convenience functions such as adding PIP (Picture In Picture) function that allows users to watch video and continue viewing images on a small screen even when another app is running, and support for high-resolution sound source LDAC that minimizes sound source loss. LG Electronics plans to add new features such as the ‘sympathetic AI’ introduced by the LG V30S ThinQ to the LG G6.

We will continue to provide stable and continuous after-sales services such as upgrading the OS and adding new functions to existing products. LG Smartphones can be trusted by customers who believe in long- I will try to make steady efforts, said Lee Seok-su, CEO of Software Upgrade Center at LG Electronics.