How to Save Battery on your Android Device


One of the most crucial issues when buying a new smartphone today is the battery life. Today I’m going to be talking about 10 things that you can do to improve your smartphone’s battery life. If you’re using Android smartphones like the Galaxy S9, using these tips can prevent you from having to charge your phone for a whole day.

 So let’s get started…

10 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Device

Save Battery on your Android Device

Turn Off Your Services

These services are constantly looking for link ups or connections so a Wi-Fi running in the background will constantly look for new Wi-Fi connections. Bluetooth is open and constantly looking for new connections as well as the location services are constantly hunting and locating where you are on the map. If you don’t need these services turning them off will considerably save battery life.

Reduce Screen Brightness

On a smartphone, the screen or display is the largest consumer battery. By reducing the brightness to the bare minimum and changing the screen timeout to only a few seconds after you are done using the phone can improve your battery life considerably.

You should also consider changing to a dark or a black wallpaper and studies have found that you can improve your battery life by 20 to 30% by this simple change.

Quit running apps

Apps running in the background especially on Android devices can consume a lot of battery. Therefore by quitting non-essential apps, you can save up a whole lot of battery life you should leave apps that you use frequently running in the background because launching a new app each time also consumes a large chunk of battery life than simply switching from one after the other.

Reset the Battery Life Cycle

Resetting the battery lifecycle can also improve your battery life considerably. To do this, fully charge your smartphone then fully drain it out and once the phone has died leaving it off for at least six to twelve hours. Then fully charge it once again and leave it on charge for about two more hours. This resets the way the phone communicates with the battery and indicates the battery percentage on the device, therefore, improving your battery life or at least the indication of the battery. This can also speed up your device a considerable amount.

Avoid Counterfeit Cables

Only use original and official chargers that come with your smartphone. Buying fake or cheap replica ones can reduce your battery life considerably as the charging cycle or the charging system may not comply with the battery type that is in your smartphone. This can harm the battery of your smartphone and even make it a potential hazard for you to use.

Turn Off Data

In today’s day and age, we can barely live without data. But if you are on the brink of your phone dying and you need that essential battery like to make that one emergency phone call. Turning off the data services can reduce the battery drainage by up to 70% and therefore saving up the last few percents of your battery life for that one emergency phone call.

Don’t Charge Overnight

One of the big no-nos, while it comes to battery life, is charging a phone overnight. While most smartphones today shipped with overcharging protections and trickle charging that improves the battery life and conditions the battery, charging the phone overnight is generally considered a bad habit and can reduce your battery life considerably.

Turn Off Assistants

Turning services like Hey Siri and Ok Google can also improve your battery life considerably. These services are constantly listening for you to stay those words and therefore consuming battery life in the background.

Turn Off Push Email

Turn off push email and non-essential push notifications on your smartphone. These push services are constantly pinging servers and therefore consuming your battery in the background. While most of us think that putting the phone on silent is an easy way to save battery life.

Turn Off Vibrations

While most of us think that putting the phone on silent is an easy way to save battery life. The vibrator or the vibration motor on your device consumes more battery than a simple ringer. Turning off the vibration if you don’t need it can save up some of your batteries lives each time your phone rings or pings with a message.