Barren Lab – Nice graphics, sounds and gameplay (2D Adventure)


Barren Lab

Barren Lab by Rendered Ideas is another good example of how one should execute a game such as this one. Jump’N’run action mixed with logic into a 2D mobile adventure with physics based gameplay.

Barren Lab – Physics, logic and mobile adventures in 2D format

The gameplay in Barren Lab is fun, the graphics are above average (dark animation made fun and smooth), the on-screen buttons work and it is easy to control Joe (the main character of the game). And lets talk about the sound track of this game, because it is remarkable. As the developer recommends, I too recommend that you use your headphones when playing Barren Lab, because you’ll immediately immerse yourself into the gameplay, rather than playing it while hearing the sounds through your smartphone or tablet speakers, because we all know that they aren’t that great.

There is not much to say about Barren Lab, just that it is a great time killer and it challenges your mind with each level, because there are a lot of traps and obstacles to overcome in order to finish a certain level.

You can download Barren Lab for free through the Google Play store.