Fortnite is coming to Android soon. Here’s what you need to know, to play it!



There is this new trend among smartphone gamers started with PUBG (Player Unknown’Fs Battlegrounds), an online survival mobile shooter, king of, like The Hunger Games, where 100 gamers compete using their smartphones in a last man standing tournament happeing on a virtual island. 

Upcoming Epic Games’ Fortnite gameplay mechanis mimics PUBG’s action shooter, but the grahics are more cartoon-ish and adds some new elements to the gameplay, like, you start by parachuting yourself from an airplane on an isolated island, but this time around you are not landing bare handed, you’re being equipped with a pickaxe with which you can melee attack your opponents before reaching any other weapons laying on the ground, inside buildings, or use it to obtain materials (wood, stone etc) to build a fence, a shelter, a cover to protect yourself from the enemy. With each day passed inside the game playing it, the gamer receives or can collect all sort of items, including clothing, experience points or coins.

Fortnite will offer to Android users free to play access in the coming months to a 100 users battle royal game mode, where the last man standing armed to its teeth gets the reward, the crown. There can be only one, a rule like in the Highlander.

As the game progresses on the island while you are looting any sort of weapons you come across as well as ammo, backpacks or other useful objects such as flashlights, helmets, clothing, even vehicles (cars, bikes, etc), the gameplay area gets restricted every few minutes, forcing each player to constantly be on the move away from the storm, all to remain alive inside the play zone. For that you’ll have to keep an eye on the island’s map while also paying attention to potential enemies that might waste you when you are not looking.

Epic Games has already released Fortnite as a free to play game on to PC, Xbox, Playstation and more recently on iOS devices, but it hasn’t pick a date to release it to Android users, they just used the term “in a few months”.

Until then, you can entertain yourself playing PUBG or other similar games currently available at Google Play store. I know we are!!!