Five New Android Games for the Weekend


What better way to spend the weekend if not by relaxing and playing new games on your Android mobile device from the comfort of you home.

This weekend we’ve picked for you guys Five New Android Games you’ll enjoy. So let’s get started!

Five New Android Games

The first game recommendation called Huracan Drift Simulator as the name implies it, it is an open world car-drifting contest where you have to pick a car and start drifting on any of the five maps available in the game. You can drift in the Sahara Desert or even up in the snowy mountains driving one of the three cars available: the BMW M3 E46, VW Scirocco or the Lamborghini Huracan. The graphics of this game reminds us of GTA and the controls are intuitive and easy to use even to children.


The second pick of this weekend is the Snowboard Freestyles Skiing, a fast paced skii stunt game where one has to do all sorts of jumps and twists to score points and gain speed. The game has 40 levels and up to 10 cool snowboards to chose from. Snowboard Freestyles Skiing runs on Android 4.0 mobile devices, or phones with a newer version of Android. And you can play it offline too!


Space X Galaxy War of Air Force is an arcade game kind of the like classics shoot to kill anything that moves on the screen, but in space. You’re piloting a cool space ship which powered up can shoot the enemy in front with all sort of guns and ray beams. Space X game is playable in Easy, Normal and Heroic mode and with each level you’ll have to defeat aircraft bosses to pass them through.


Thumb Moto Racing is a stunt racing challenge game but instead of driving cars like in the aforementioned Huracan Drift Simulator game, you’ll ride very fast motorbikes on tracks where you have to collect stars, shields to upgrade the bikes, ride through check points and do all sort of crazy stunts. The game has smooth controls, nice graphics and you can get it for free on your Android device just like all previously mentioned games here.


Real Speed Max Drifting Pro is another car simulator for Android devices, but this one has a more competitive vibe to it. You still compete against other cars in an, sort of, open world environment. The controls of this game are easy to handle and they are either on-screen software buttons or by tilting the phone. You’ll have to beat the clock and do the laps required with each map.


Which of the five new Android games we’ve picked for this weekend you like more, and why?

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