Bitcoin Flip Game Review – Introduction to cryptocurrency trading


Bitcoin Flip Game Review

We hear a lot about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies almost every day at TV or online, but many of us have no idea what’s that all about, except that it is a virtual coin created for online transactions.

Today, we are reviewing a coin market game called Bitcoin Flip, which is available on the Google Play store as an easy way to introduce yourself into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Flip has a straightforward interface, although, at first glance it might seem overwhelming you’ll get which is which in the first 5 minutes of gameplay. And with the latest update Bitcoin Flip received this week, you’ll be able to virtually trade up to 18 of the most popular cryptocurrencies just like a broker from the WallStreet, except you’re trading through your smartphone on-the-go.

Bitcoin Flip has professional grade real-time candlestick charts, but you can switch to classic charts if you’re not accustomed to candlestick. You can easily switch from one coin to another just by swiping from left to right at the top of the screen where those rounded icons are, which once tapped it will switch to a new chart that’s being listed in real-time so that you can start trading. Speaking of tradings! You are given $5.000 to start your first adventure into the virtual cryptocurrency tradings, and you are only allowed to invest $250 to $500 with each trade until you level up and unlock the next thresholds. There is also the ‘Leverage’ button where you can pick from X1, X2 or X5 when trading. While trading you can pick when you think the stock will plunge or rise, and thus earn virtual money. The excitement of winning or losing stock during tradings (even though it’s not real coin / real money you’re trading in Bitcoin Flip game), I have to admit that it is exhilarating, addictive and fun to try something new, such as virtual coin trading without any risks of losing real cash. Be aware though that the game has some links when you press the ‘Buy‘ button, which will redirect one outside the game and into the real world of coin trading.