Broken Dawn games saga on Android


Broken Dawn games

Hummingbird Mobile Games is a relatively new Asian Android developer studio known to some as the developer behind the Broken Dawn Android games.

Broken Dawn games delivers epic battles on mobile phones

Broken Dawn is a shoot-to-kill / hack’n’slash your way out kinda of game with good 3D graphics and smooth controls, which reminds us of Sir Ridley Scott’s the Aliens movies storyline. Stranded on a dark planet filled with alien creatures that are coming to get you, and in order to survive you have to shoot everything that moves (crawls), except the action is taking place on Earth, year 2025, when a virus broke lose and all the infected human beings and animals mutate and transform into terrifying, aggressive beasts.

Broken Dawn game features:

  • Real-time dynamic lighting effects that rival PC graphics
  • Exclusive and unique game systems with comparable gameplay to “Diablo”
  • Thrilling battles and outstanding handling
  • Long-term and abundant battle scenes offer varied stage experiences

The Broken Dawn titles are the perfect time-killing kind of games, and we recommend you the HD versions.