Android P developers preview is out. There is Good and some Bad news!


Android P developers preview

Google is again early with its Android Developer Preview release, but at least we get to take a look at what’s coming in terms of features later this autumn in Android P developers preview build.

Android P developers preview 

So let’s get started with the changes inside Android P iteration, a version that most of us wont be able to use until the end of 2018, if not in 2019, because of the fragmentation of the OS caused by mobile makers and telecom operators. The only way to test it early is to know a thing or two about flashing ROMs on any smartphone.

The first thing that’s changed in Android P developers preview and is immediately noticeable by our naked eye too, is the more colourful now UI which has circular icons and any panel has slightly rounded corners, especially the notification cards. The way we respond and interact with any notification is now much more pleasant and easier to respond to. See image below.