OnePlus 6 smartphone with Snapdragon 845, might feature a glass back & Apple’s notch


OnePlus 6 smartphone

Last year, Apple introduced the “smartphone notch” when it announced the iPhone X, a design flaw any art / architectural design student can acknowledge but, for some reason Apple managed to turn it into a wow factor and people along with most Asian manufacturers seem to like it, as they adopted this distinctive “feature” and embedded it onto their 2018 phones.

OnePlus 6 smartphone to feature a notch and a glass back

OnePlus is also looking to jump into this wagon in 2018, too. The rumour has it that their upcoming flagship killer, the OnePlus 6 (which is supposed to launch in June) will have a glass-made housing and a notch at the top of its 19:9 aspect ratio display. Yes, apparently Oneplus is moving away this year from the metal design we all loved (which might be a deal breaker for many OnePlus fans), only to add wireless charging and water resistance, like all currently available flagship smartphones.

OnePlus 6 smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset and 8GB of RAM, hence the 276,510 high-score an alleged OnePlus A6000 prototype scored in a recent AnTuTu benchmark listing.

As for its price tag, we are expecting OnePlus 6 to cost at least 50 Euros more when it becomes available, if not 70 up to 100 Euros more.