Samsung Galaxy S9 preorders lower than expected?


Samsung Galaxy S9 preorders

A report coming from Samsung’s home country, South Korea, claims that Samsung Galaxy S9 preorders are not going as expected due to local customers “finding the Galaxy S9 not much different from other smartphones,” an undisclosed source inside a local mobile carrier told Korean Yonhap Agency at the beginning of the week.

Furthermore, it is stated that the preorders are just about the same (550,000 units – which is also the current record) if not lower, because “the popularity and customers interest are not as high compared to earlier model,” same unknown source told Yonhap publication on Monday, March 5.

In response, a Samsung official said that “they believe that the preorders for the Galaxy S9 are similar to that of the Galaxy S8,” adding that the figure could be lower because the company only started accepting preorders the same day the smartphones were unveiled at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, whereas there was a gap of eight days for its predecessor, and therefore more time to promote last year’s flagship.

Meanwhile, South Korean telecom companies officials said that their customers are less excited about buying or upgrading to any of the Galaxy S9’s available, mainly because they do not see the point of switching to a newer product less than a year later.

These statements are fueled by Samsung’s reluctance to reveal how many preoders it has received in the first two days, the South Korean tech giant preferring to point out that their product attracted so far 1.6 million visitors in its product promotion centers open across the country.

Galaxy S9 hands-on in Barcelona

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are not easily identifiable by customers when it comes to their design elements, as they bare an uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy S8’s from last year. The only way to be certain that it is an S9, is to check whether the camera and the fingerprint sensor are aligned in a straight vertical line on the back of the phone (see photo above), instead of being aligned horizontally.

Of course that the internal hardware of the S9 phones is far superior to S8’s, especially if we are to compare the CPUs or the Camera sensors and the imaging technology embedded in them.

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