Amazon AR View app lets you try (virtually) before you buy


Amazon AR View app

Amazon AR View app brings virtual / online shopping to a whole new level, and ladies will love it!

Augmented Reality is something the world is very excited about for years now, because it brings the virtual world into our real world through the use of technology, but only in the last 2-3 years thins have started to take shape.

Amazon is one of the first retail shops to integrate Augmented Reality technology into its online shopping experience, thus allowing customers to try at home before they buy anything from toys, electronics, appliances, furniture, etc.

Last year Amazon begin testing an app called AR View on iOS devices only, which allows you to do just that: to try any product virtually and see how it fits in your home whether it is used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or the livingroom, AR View app allows placing virtual replica’s of the items you want to purchase from Amazon with the use of your smartphone and place them in a virtual 3D space of your house. Basically, the app renders any product in life-size and on the screen of your smartphone whether we are talking about a couch, appliances, electronics, toys you name it.

Now, Amazon AR View app has hit the Google Play store as well, and you can download it and install it on Android devices for free. The app is really easy to use: just launch it, tap the camera icon and you can start placing virtual items around the house.

A more fun way to online shopping. Ladies will totally love this one!