Microsoft launches Photos Companion Android app


Microsoft thinks that we need an app to allow us to share our smartphone photos with our PC/laptop. On that note the company has just released onto the Play store an app called Photos Companion, which is useful to Edge browser-based users, we give them that, but if you already using Google Chrome Browser on Windows, then it is pretty much useless or just another Android app.

Microsoft launches Photos Companion Android app

Photos Companion intends to help smartphone owners to easily migrate all of their photos to a Windows computer. The thing is that the app requires pairing with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Photos app every time you lose connection over local Wi-Fi network, meaning you will have to scan the QR code inside the Windows 10 Photos app with your phone, to re-pair your smartphone through the Photos Companion Android app. Complicated, I know, but Microsoft believes Android and iOS users will use it.

Sure, it might be useful to those that don’t have Google Chrome browser installed on their computers, but the rest of them will highly likely use Drive to save or backup the photos stored on their mobile phones. 

Have you tried it yet? Let us know what are you thoughts on it.