Facebook Messenger Kids app gives parents more control


Facebook Messenger Kids app

We’ve been expecting this instant messaging and video chat app from Facebook Inc for a while now. Facebook Messenger Kids application is a free video calling and instant messaging app for children through which their parents can control who they are allowed to be friends and chat with in the virtual space.

Facebook Messenger Kids is basically a more controlled / parent-approved environment for children. Parents have access to all the chat logs, because the messages can’t be hidden or erased.

Now, the kids have their own Snapchat-like filters, masks, stickers, gifs, sound effects and reaction emojis, which they can use while in video call or chat with loved-ones, neighbourhood friends or classmates, in a more secure environment.

Whats great about it, is that family adults don’t need to install Facebook Messenger Kids, they can send messages or video call through Facebook’s default Messenger app, all they need is a wi-fi connection.

Facebook Messenger Kids is now available for free at Google Play store, but it is not available all over the world or to any kind of device just yet.