Huawei announces Paris flagship smartphone event [March 27]


Huawei announces Paris flagship smartphone event

A lot of rumours these days about Huawei’s up and coming flagship smartphone, but nothing concrete except for the date that Huawei just announced by inviting the press to a conference in Paris on March 27.

The logic would tell us that Huawei P11 will be the next flagship phone from the Chinese mobile maker, however, word on the street is that Huawei has a change of heart, willing to defy logic and introduce an entire new Huawei P20 series: including the P20 standard model, the P20 Lite version and the P20 Plus.

So far there is little to almost no information about the new flagship phone from Huawei, but we can make an educated guess, like, it will probably integrate Mate 10 Pro’s Kirin 970 CPU, it will definitely run Android Oreo (we are not sure if it’s v8.0 or v8.1), expect at least another dual camera setup at the back, new artificial intelligent based functionality, maybe some features borrowed from Apple’s iPhone X, and hopefully, a metal housing, as glass is nice but also very prone to cracks and scratches.

Seems like Mobile World Congress 2018 wont be as exciting as we all want it to be, with so many mobile makers delaying their flagship launch events for a later date. At least we will have an exciting Spring.

What would you like to see in terms of features in Huawei’s 2018 flagship phone?