How to Get Access to a Restricted Website on an Android device or computer?


One thing we know after the Internet has spread out is that you can get access to almost anything. However, as the Internet gets more influence on our lives, governments all over the world try to take this sphere under control. Particularly, US government is currently making careful attempts to make restrictions to some websites.

Anyway, in order to bypass restrictions there is one efficient way developed – using VPN services. VPN (Virtual private network) was developed as a tool for safe and secure web surfing and it also can be used to bypass any restrictions implemented. You can find the free VPN service that fits best over here, just choose.

How to Get Access to a Restricted Website

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Common VPN Service

The best way to use VPN service is to install the corresponding application to your browser. It looks like this usually:

  • you enter the website of the VPN service
  • you choose an option to install the application to your browser, usually the browsers supported are:
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
  • after the installation is finished you need to log into your account to use the program
  • most of the services offer free trial period so that user could try out the service features
  • after the trial period ends, you can either use the app for free (there is usually basic package available for free, however, other features offered are limited) either purchase the subscription plan

You can also install an application on your mobile device – usually those are delivered both for Android via Google Play store and iOS devices – and this would be the best option for you. Mobile devices are often used in the public networks which can be unsafe, so it would be a good idea due to safety consideration.

How VPN Services Make Your Internet Activity Safe and Secure

When you use the Internet, your provider can see all the activity conducted using your IP-address. This means that nothing you do on the Internet is kept safe from the other party, and in case this information is transferred to the third parties you may get harmed.

However, when it comes to the VPN, all activity from your device is protected as you surf the Internet using protection layer which is the IP address that is used by thousands of people on the permanent basis usually. So your IP address cannot be blocked and your identity cannot be defined easily (not if someone serious is looking for your data on purpose, however, this is a completely different situation).

VPN services are extremely helpful when it comes to public networks which are usually vulnerable. So remember, when you use free Wi-Fi in cafe or restaurant or even the one offered by the public places, you are at high risk to get your personal data transferred to the third parties.