LG G6 Android Oreo update might not arrive until June 2018


LG G6 Android Oreo update

Every year, with each new Android OS major update, Google is trying to facilitate an easier way for mobile makers to shorten the time it takes to optimize, test and deliver software updates to smartphone owners. But no matter the OS version, mobile makers seem to fall short on their promises when it comes to updating even flagship smartphones to the latest version of Android.

Case and point with LG Electronics and their current flagship smartphone, the LG G6, which by now, it should have made the jump to Android 8.0 Oreo, instead we are hearing whispers through LG’s European official channels that the update might not make its way onto the G6 until later this summer, which is a bummer and a lack of respect to the millions of G6 owners around the world who spend a lot of money on devices that are prone to vulnerabilities, exposed to malicious hackers who can exploit such unpatched devices.

So, in worst case scenario, LG G6 smartphone users will get to enjoy Android Oreo five months from now. Meanwhile, do whatever you can to protect your personal data stored on the phone.