Gboard Go to cut in half the RAM the standard Google Keyboard app eats


Google is hard at work developing a Lite version of its Android mobile operating system dubbed Android Go, which the Search Giant launched late last year. Android Go will take it easier on the internal hardware of more affordable ANdroid-powered devices, thus minimizing the so-frustrating lag.

Gboard Go

Along with Android Go, Google is also working on developing lite apps for Android Go. YouTube Go and Files Go apps for instance are a real success among Android users in emerging markets. And now is bringing Gboard Go app to replace the current Google Keyboard that’s pretty heavy on the RAM.

Gboard Go uses only half as much RAM as the standard keyboard app eats up, mainly because it is stripped off of GIF search, stickers and one-handed mode functions.

The app is already available through the Google Play store, but it might not show up for download unless you’re browsing from an Android Oreo device that has less than 3GB of RAM. The APK is available for download through APKMirror, but its not a 100% secure source to install it from.