Audiobooks are coming to Google Play store


US Android users are reportedly seeing Audiobooks ads within the Google Play store’s Books Shop section.

You are probably wondering what’s the fuss about audiobooks as they’ve been available in the Play store for a while now. Well, they’ve been available within the Play Music section, and the offering as well as the way they are listed is, kind of, sloppy to say the least.


It appears that Google Inc is hard at work at creating and launching an entire new section for Audiobooks inside ‘Books’ category within Google’s Play store.

The ad is visible in both Google Play store Web / Mobile app version, and we might have access to it as soon as the end of this week, at least in the USA. Expect this section to open in the UK, Japan and other key markets around the world soon, too.

Once the Audiobooks section goes live in the Play store, users will be greeted with a 50% discount on their first audiobook purchase.