Motorola Moto X5 leaked design reveals an iPhone X like notch


Motorola Moto X5

Motorola Moto X5 design may have been leaked a month ahead of its debut, revealing an iPhone X-like notch on its forehead, and ultra-slim bezels.

We are not 100% sure what to make of this piece of information outed by Droid-Life about Lenovo/Motorola’s upcoming Moto X5. In fact, not even Droid-Life editors are sure about their source’s legitimacy, which is why we recommend you to take this with a pinch of salt.

Motorola is about to unleash new Moto series smartphones in a little over a month from today at the annual Mobile World Congress 2018, in Barcelona. Among these new Moto phones we will probably see the Moto X5 sequel to Moto X4 from last year. a device that might take queues from Apple’s iPhone X. adding what it looks like a notch at the top of the screen.

The source of the image you see above says that Motorola Moto X5 will feature a 5.9-inch display with Full HD+ screen resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. Because there is not fingerprint sensor in sight, we believe that this biometric tech will either be integrated in the ‘M’ logo at the back, in the phones display (in-display sensor) or they’ll remove it all-together and replace it with Facial Recognition tech. Otherwise there would be no real reason to add two front-facing cameras, unless it has a Face Unlock like feature, right?

There is still a little over a month to go before Mobile World Congress 2018 opens its doors, and we have a feeling that we will hear and see more of Motorola’s Moto X5 before February 26 comes.