Foldable Samsung Galaxy X gadget pushed to 2019 due to User Interface issues?


Foldable Samsung Galaxy X gadget

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable smartphone / tablet (2-in-1 device) for awhile, but so far the gadget hasn’t seen the end of Samsung production line. According to DJ Koh statement made at CES2018, Samsung Electronics wont be able to launch it in 2018 due to User Interface complications, thus Galaxy X launch schedule is being pushed to 2019. But don’t worry, Koh also confirmed the Galaxy S9 is coming next month!

Samsung Electronics is said to start developing such foldable, flexible panels this Spring for the Galaxy X, with the final product expected to enter mass production in late 2018 (November) making a 2018 release highly unlikely.

The rumoured Galaxy X might feature a 7.3-inch (in diagonal) flexible OLED panel, made of durable plastic material which will act as the housing of the device, too.

The mobile makers are looking into developing this type of technology for decades, and even if we’ve seen a few “flexible / foldable” devices after 2010, an actually flexible/bendable/foldable smartphone as seen in Sci-Fi movies has yet to be produced.

We will have to wait and see if or when Samsung (or any other mobile maker) can pull such a feat in the coming years.