HTC apologizes for U11 Android Oreo software update delay in Europe


HTC U11 smartphone owners in Asia and the North American continent may have enjoyed Android Oreo for a while, something Europeans cant brag about, because, as HTC UK admits it, the software update has been postponed due to “some complexities that have caused a delay to our release in Europe,” says the public statement issued by HTC United Kingdom on its Twitter account last Friday, January 5.


Although, it is nice to see a mobile maker coming clean about an issue, it is still unclear what exactly happened that forced the OEM to delay the roll out, and we still don’t have a date to when exactly the firmware that’s supposed to delivery Android Oreo on to U11 smartphones in Europe, will begin to roll out.

Right now, it looks like HTC is trying to fix the problem before it can start delivering the firmware across the continent.

We will get back to you with news once HTC releases the information. Stay tuned!