LG G7 to launch under a different name. LG to rename the premium G series



It is not the first time that LG Electronics is renaming its premium smartphone series. Back in 2013, LG dropped the ‘Optimus‘ word from its range leaving the series with the letter ‘G’ followed by a number: G6, G5, G4, G3, G2, etc.

In 2018, LG is looking to do the same thing (if we are to believe the rumours), to rebrand its flagship series, but this time around is dropping the letter G. The move, yet to be confirmed by LG, will come as no surprise to us, mainly because the South Korean OEM has already started making changes in its LG Mobile execs line-up, by replacing most of its mobile division heads with new people.

In terms of units sold world-wide for the last 3-4 years, LG’s flagship phones have been hammered by Apple, Samsung and even Huawei’s own flagship devices. It appears that 2018 is the perfect year for LG Electronics to reinvent/rebrand itself. Change is good, but only if the final product delivers according to customers expectations, right?

What is your opinion on LG’s decision to change the naming scheme of its flagship series? Is LG in need of a facelift?