AR Stickers and ARCore, a step into Star Wars or Stranger Things augmented reality


AR Stickers and ARCore

You might have heard about Google’s augmented reality project under which the search giant announced the ARCore kit, a set of tools that allows one to step between the real and the augmented world.

On Monday, Google released the AR Stickers and ARCore on to the Play store, the tools that will turn your Pixel phone into an augmented reality based controller if you like.  

The ARCore is the basically the engine that makes the ARStickers work on Android 8.1 running Pixel phones. 

For now, Google’s Pixel phones are the only ones compatibile, and you can only add Star Wars: The Last Jedi characters, like BB-8, a stormtrooper, a porg, or characters from Stranger Things tv show, like Eleven, the Demogorgon, and all of the rest of the kids in their crew. You can also use Foodmoji and 3D Text stickers when you’re feeling hungry; or if you’re feeling festive you can shoot a celebratory video at your own party with AR fictive balloons and champagne.

All you need is the AR Stickers and ARCore apps installed on your Pixel smartphone, then run the Camera app and switch to AR Stickers mode. That’s where the fun and magic begins.

Download ARCore; Download ARStickers