Samsung to move the fingerprint sensor under Galaxy S9’s back camera


fingerprint sensor under Galaxy S9's back camera

New alleged images shared on Weibo social network in China might reveal what we already heard from earlier rumours, that the Galaxy S9‘s fingerprint sensor will be moved from its current right-hand side position to under the main camera’s sensor as seen depicted in the above image.

We cant confirm if it is an S9 unit, but what we can say is that a Galaxy A8+ 2018 has been caught in the wild recently, and it might just be the A8+ depicted in these images here, even though the source claim it is a Galaxy S9.

This rumour might be backed up by another image, a screenshot inside Samsung’s Health app which shows a Galaxy device with similar positioning of the fingerprint sensor.

Either way, the Galaxy S9 design will evolve. Meaning that certain things will improve or change position from where we are used to find them. For instance, S9’s chin size will be cut in half according to more recent rumours, that if we are to compare it to S8’s chin. The Galaxy S9 is also expected to become the first smartphone in history to embed 512GB internal storage, as well as the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

As always, we advise to take such unconfirmed information with a grain of salt, as the sources of these images are not that reliable. However, it makes a lot more sense to move the fingerprint sensor under the camera, that way we will be able to avoid accidental placement of our finger tip on the camera lens.