Sony Xperia 2018 smartphones allegedly caught on camera


Sony Xperia 2018 smartphones allegedly

Sony Mobile division is stuggling for more than a couple of years now, mainly beause the majority of the smartphone users do not adopt the current Xperia design or the user experience Sony provides. And it could be a marketing failure as well.

But anyways, things might change early in 2018, when Sony is expected to unleash during Consumers Electronics Show 2018, in Las Vegas, a new line of smartphones equipped with the latest 18:9 panel technology.

An alleged series of photographs portraying a couple of the Sony Xperia 2018 smartphones might reveal their new look, but the clues point towards them being fake, photoshoped. For instance, it is quite hard to believe that Sony will drop the finger print sensor’s embedding into the Power button in order to move it to the back of its phones. And there is also the matter of the reflection of some buildings on the screen of these two alleged Sony Xperia 2018 smartphones that seem out of place, mainly because the photographs look like they were taken indoor. Therefore there shouldnt be any building reflections, which is why we recommend to take it with a grain of salt.

Anyhow, fake or not, these alleged designs look pretty nice, and Sony is definitely launching new Xperia phones early next year, including a flagship model rumoured to feature a Triluminos 4K display with 18:9 aspect ratio.

Do you think Sony’s upcoming devices will suffered a dramatic change in design build?