HTC Smart display app released for Android Oreo powered HTC’s


HTC Smart display app

We all love the Always-on Display / On Display functionality we’ve seen on specific smartphone models (Samsung Galaxy’s, Motorola Moto’s, LG phones etc). The ability to display the time, date, battery level and to some point notifications on an AMOLED display, a functionality that HTC users have not had access to until now. Well, most of them didnt.

HTC Smart display app released

HTC wants to change that and it has just released the HTC Smart Display app in the Google Play store, but there is a small catch. It is only available to those HTC users that own a device that is powered by Android Oreo, it is not (yet, hopefully) compatible with Nougat or previous flavours of Android.

So, anyways, HTC Smart Display app brings the so basic, yet very useful feature on to HTC Oreo-powered smartphones.

HTC Smart display features:

  • Time/Date
  • Notification icons
  • Battery power
  • Show travel clock when traveling to a different country
  • 2 modes: motion launch and always on
  • Different clock styles
  • Pocket mode: when your device is in a pocket or a bag, HTC Smart display will be turned off automatically to save power.