Android Go based on Android Oreo v8.1 announced by Google


Android Go based on Android Oreo v8.1

Back at Google Inc’s Google I/O the search giant introduced a light-weight version of its Android mobile operating system called Android Go, a version which it is ment to run smoothly on mobile devices with only 512MB and up to 1GB of RAM, as the standard Android OS version runs on current flagship smartphones.

The idea behind Android Go is to put in the hands of the many devices at cheap capable of computing basic tasks like, running apps, browsing the internet through Chrome browser, access email, etc. 

This week Google introduces Android Go based on Android Oreo v8.1, a version made available to mobile makers and developers.

The three key elements of Android Go edition:


  • Operating System: Performance and storage improvements to the OS with data management features and security benefits built-in
  • Google Apps: A new set of Google apps, designed to be lighter and relevant to the unique needs of people who are coming online for the first time
  • Google Play Store: A tuned version of the Google Play Store that allows you to download any app, but also highlights the apps designed to work best on your device

This means that soon (probably as early as February 2018) new entry-level Android Go powered mobile devices will be made available world-wide,especially in emerging markets. 

Did you know that there are over 2 billion Android devices active right now, and most of them are in India? There are more active Android powered phones in India than in the US.

For further details on Google’s Android Go based on Android Oreo v8.1, please follow this link.