Top 5 Android Apps & Games Picks of the Week (20 – 26 November)


It is that time of the week when we bring you five of the most interesting, useful and entertaining Android apps and games, we discovered the past seven days.

We will start our weekly top with a mobile Role-Playing Game called Exiled Kingdoms, developed by ‘4 Dimension Games‘.

1. Exiled Kingdoms – is a single player RPG for touch-enabled devices that, kind of, mixes the Elder Scrolls universe with Diablo game-play mechanics in either paid or free to play mode. You start by picking a character (Rogue, Warrior, etc) which you can develop and customize through each level with dozens of skills and items picked in your quest battles. Exiled Kingdoms has a solid game-play system with up to 80 quests and 108 areas for us wander. The free version only unlocks up to 8 – 12 hours of gameplay, but the paid version gives us access to over 110 hours of role-playing action on mobile devices.   


2. Rounded Corner – We all love the latest AMOLED panel technology with rounded corners and their 18:9 aspect ratio found on most of 2017 flagship smartphones. But most of us currently do not own such a handset for various reasons, money being one of them. However, there is an affordable way to enjoy a rounded corners experience right on your current Android device, thanks to THSoftware from Vietnam who developed Rounded Corner app. The app creates a virtual frame, which allows one to make the corners as rounded as he/she wishes.


3. Photo Scanner by Photomyne is an easy and fast way to digitalize your old photograps. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to detect photo boundaries, scan and crop photos. All you need to do is install the app, hold the camera phone on top of the picture and the scanning app will take care of the rest for you.


4. Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is a armies-based strategy mobile game with a unique and highly strategic battle system. It allows you to arrange your armies on to the field to out-maneuver the enemy, but also the ability to take control of your heroes to unleash powerful abilities in order to finish them off. Wartide has decent graphics and plenty of features for a freemium game including fighting other players from all over the world, as well as forging alliances with unexpected players to vanquish your opponents.


5. And last but not the least Android app in our weekly Top 5 Apps and Games picks is Lingodeer – an application for people looking to teach themselves how to speak Asian languages such as: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The app is a thorough introduction to asian tongues alphabet system, and it even works when you do not have internet connection, offline. Ready to learn Asian languages? Lingodeer app is our recommendation for this week.


All right! These were our Top 5 Android Apps & Games picks of the Week (20 – 26 November). Tell us which one you’ve installed and why? Also, if you have any recommendations of an app or game to share with us, we would love to hear from you guys. It might even get featured in one of our weekly tops, if it’s cool enough.


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