Top 5 Android Apps & Games Picks of the Week (20 – 26 November)


It is that time of the week when we bring you five of the most interesting, useful and entertaining Android apps and games, we discovered the past seven days.

We will start our weekly top with a mobile Role-Playing Game called Exiled Kingdoms, developed by ‘4 Dimension Games‘.

1. Exiled Kingdoms – is a single player RPG for touch-enabled devices that, kind of, mixes the Elder Scrolls universe with Diablo game-play mechanics in either paid or free to play mode. You start by picking a character (Rogue, Warrior, etc) which you can develop and customize through each level with dozens of skills and items picked in your quest battles. Exiled Kingdoms has a solid game-play system with up to 80 quests and 108 areas for us wander. The free version only unlocks up to 8 – 12 hours of gameplay, but the paid version gives us access to over 110 hours of role-playing action on mobile devices.