Samsung SM-G888N0 listed on Samsung’s website. Might be the foldable Galaxy X


Samsung SM-G888N0

Samsung Electronics has been promoting flexible displays and foldable devices (smartphones, tablets) for years now (at many of the major events the company attended), but so far, it failed to make such technology available to the masses. However, more recently, the rumours about Samsung releasing a Galaxy X foldable smartphone have intensified, and it looks like 2018 might be the year Samsung fans were waiting for, to get their hands on a foldable device.

A recent listing of a mysterious device on Samsung’s website could potentially reveal the model number of said Galaxy X.

Samsung SM-G888N0 model number is linked but not confirmed to the Galaxy X foldable phone, which we might see launch next January during Consumer Electronics Show 2018, in Las Vegas, where we also might see a foldable tablet to go along with the foldable smartphone.

Although, it may not be a smartphone made out of flexible materials, the Galaxy X will likely take advantage of a hinge-like system to fold together a couple of AMOLED screens. A similar device was recently introduced by ZTE, it is called Axon M.

Next year, Samsung is also expected to introduce the Galaxy S9 flagship series

Would you fancy a foldable Samsung smartphone powered by Android?