Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the week (6-12 Nov)


Whenever we get bored in order to shake off that feeling of boredom we turn to our Android smartphones, which are an instant source of fun and entertainment in part thanks to Google’s source of vast array of apps and games, the Play store. 

As of this week, and on a weekly basis from now on, we will publish our Top 5 Android Apps and Games favorite findings within the Google Play store. So, without further ado, here’s our Top 5 Android Apps and Games you shouldnt miss this week.

Top 5 Android Apps and Games

  1. Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli is a free Android app which provides you tons of high-quality wallpapers for your device. But this app isn’t just an ordinary wallpaper app. It is actually a community of creative artists who are willing to give you some of their artworks for free. Their amazing creations are completely unique and you won’t see them available for download through other wallpaper apps. Another great thing is that by downloading their wallpapers, the artists get recognition and can earn money. So, if you like some of their artworks, you can support them by simply liking and downloading their artworks.

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