Foldable Galaxy X smartphone’s user interface may have leaked


Foldable Galaxy X smartphone

Samsung Electronics has been showing us for the last few years its unbreakable bendable OLED panels alongside some computer-generated smartphone prototypes that fold, but so far it hasn’t properly managed to optimize its technology to actually turn it into a commercial product (useable smartphone). Not yet at least.

The rumour has it that Samsung will launch such a foldable handheld device in 2018. Until that will happen, we relay on leaks to get a glimpse of could be the foldable Galaxy X smartphone next year.

Foldable Galaxy X smartphone User Interface:

A recent Samsung patent application titled “Electronic Device Comprising Multiple Display and Method for Controlling Thereof” may show us how the user interface of Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone might look like. 

Looking at the two screenshots leaked, it appears that the alleged Galaxy X will feature two separate display panels linked together through a hinge system which will form the “One display” instead of one single piece of OLED Panel that folds. Kind of, like we’ve seen on ZTE’s recently announced Axon M foldable smartphone.

If that is the case, then it’s not as exciting as some of us would have expected it to be.

What do you think?

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