Why you should consider switching to Facebook’s Lite Android Apps


Lite Android Apps

Have you experienced massive power drops on your smartphone lately? Like literally waking up in the middle of the day that your battery is almost drained? Well, the chances are that it is Facebook’s apps fault.

Facebook’s mobile apps are a pain in the back as of lately, especially the Android versions. The last few updates of Facebook and Facebook Messenger app were nothing but power-hungry hogs, which is why I decided to uninstall both of them and then started looking for alternatives.

Sure, it is cool to have a variety of features but if you put all those nifty features in balance with battery consumption, I will always go with having a little extra battery energy at the end of the day rather than having access to features like Messengers Chat heads, Story etc, which is why I am now using the official Lite versions of both Facebook and Messenger app, at least until Facebook Inc developers figure out a way to make their apps less power-hungry.

Download Facebook Lite | Download Messenger Lite

Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, in spite of their lesser attractive UI, the apps save up battery, are easy on the hardware (RAM, CPU), but also saves you a lot of mobile data (MB). And, to be honest after a couple of days of getting used to them, I am now pleased with my decision of ditching the standard apps in favor of the Lite versions.