Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 now available from Samsung


Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

Well, the autumn is almost over in many parts of the world, but Samsung Electronics thinks that it still is the right time to launch a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, which by the way it doesn’t look bad at all. The ladies will love this S8 variant. If or when it will be available outside South Korea, we don’t know. Samsung is yet to make an announcement on that regard.

The Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 has the same specs as its siblings: the same gorgeous 5.7″ Infinity Display, the Exynos 9 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 12MP camera at the back. The only difference is its colour.

With the addition of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, there are now six colours of the S8 available in total for you to pick from. Of course that not all of them are made available in Europe. Hopefully, this one will, as it will appeal the ladies.