Files Go is Google’s take on Android phone cleaners


Files GoMany of us Android smartphone users don’t really take the time to carefully pick a place where to save and store all of the files we download from the Internet on our devices, hence the need for the so-called ‘cleaners’.

Google is apparently working on a similar application which was recently spotted as a Beta version on the Google Play store, but withdrawn soon after by the Search giant. 

Well, don’t fret! The APK was already uploaded on third-party websites, and if you are looking to give it a go and test it while it’s still a beta application, then you can hit the Download button here.

During the time Files Go app was listed at Google Play store, its description said that it has the following features:

  • Help you free up more space in many more ways than before.
  • Suggest removing apps you no longer use to keep your phone fast & feeling new.
  • Recognize and help you remove the spam & duplicate images.
  • Find your important documents without cumbersome and manual effort.
  • Share your files offline – fast & secure – with the tap of a button.

We’ve already tested it on a One A9 phone and it’s running pretty good. Some hundreds of MB already cleaned with it. We did encounter a force close when we tried to view large files that Files Go detected upon deletion.