Android leaving iOS Behind in Casino Gaming


Android leaving iOS Behind

It seems that debate will rage for an eternity on the benefits and pitfalls of developing for IOS or Android platforms. Most Apple aficionados will trumpet the slickness and reliability of IOS, whereas others will point to the freedom and lack of restraint when developing for Android. However, for the online casino industry, it is Android OS that looks to have stolen a march on its rival. 

In the past, it was taken as a given that online casinos would look to tailor their products for iPhone and iPad. Indeed, the first ever casino app was designed for the nascent iPhone. However, the climate has changed in recent years. Over the last five years Android has increased its OS smartphone worldwide market share considerably to approximately 86%, with Apple’s share declining slightly to approximately 13%. It follows that game developers for online casino on mobile must pay particular attention to the platform used by the vast majority of smartphone users.

Apple may see the availability iPhone 8 and iPhone X as potentially helping to claw back some of that market share. Although, given costings, it will more likely be the case that the devices act to simply reinforce Apple’s loyal followers. Together Android and IOS share around 99% of the market thanks to the demise of Blackberry and Windows Phone as popular platforms. Casino operators know they must make gaming apps available on both platforms, but it can be argued that the main focus should be on developing for Android.

How Online Gaming Sites are Adapting to Android OS

Arguably, Android and IOS platforms have come to resemble each other more and more over the last decade. This can be seen in the features and apps that they offer, and in the way they handle functions like notifications. But it is in the development of products where the main differences remain.

Android’s open nature allows developers to change the very nature of the core software. For the gaming industry this means that those developing casino games and apps can easily tailor Android to meet specific needs. The fact that developing games for IOS means you still have to play by Apple’s ‘rules’ – just says that there is a certain freedom afforded for those working on Android platforms. There is also every chance that an innovative feature can come to market quicker as there is no need to wait for Apple to greenlight the product.

A Strong Future for Casino Games on Android

Superior online casino operators will use experienced software developers like Playtech and NetEnt to build gaming products. Developers like these see the need for constant innovation to remain relevant in the industry. The future of casino gaming is set to have more emphasis on 3D, immersive and VR gaming. The openness of developing for Android may allow those building new games to cherry pick the latest innovations as they become available.

The online casino industry has been buoyed recently by Google’s move to allow gambling apps in the Play Store. Before casino and betting apps had to be downloaded from a third party or directly from the online casino site. The availability in the Play Store will allow users to get access to detailed and unbiased reviews of gambling products. With an estimated 2 billion people using an Android device regularly, everything is pointing to a bright future for those wishing to build casino games for that platform