How to recover lost files from a microSD card or an Android phone?


How to recover lost files

Nowadays, we relay more than ever on our Android smartphones when it comes to saving files on-the-go, and although we have the option to store or back up our files (photos, mp3 files with our favourite songs, documents from work, bills, emails, PDF files) in the cloud, many of us don’t trust such services due to privacy concerns, thus ending up saving them in our Android phone’s internal memory or on a microSD card. But, after awhile, we realize that it wasnt such a great idea to store them locally, especially if we end up deleting the files by mistake.

So, what do we do in this case? How do we recover any of the deleted files?

Well, the solution is to find a good recovery software that will help you undo the mistakes you’ve made. One such software solution is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which you can either try for Free (as a trial version), or you can pay and unlock all of its extra features. For your knowledge, EaseUS is a software company specialized in data recovery from any device (PC, laptop, Android phones, external hard drives, micro SD cards, flash drives etc)

How to install and start using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software in three easy steps:

  1. The first step is to Download the software on your laptop or PC (we recommend the trial version and if you like the way it handles the recovery of your lost files and you are looking for more features, then you can buy the full package). Once downloaded proceed with the installation and then run the app which is compatible with Windows or Mac OS X operating system.
  2. Start the scanning process (scan your Android phone, laptop or PC SSD/HDD, an external HDD, a micro SD card)
  3. Once it lists all of the lost files it detected after a comprehensive scanning process, you can then proceed with recovering the deleted files that you’d like to restore on your device. 

That is it!

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a lot of features:

  • it can recover any type of files: from photos to videos, to audio file, emails and documents
  • it can restore lost data from a PC, laptop, from servers or any other media storage unit, no matter if the data was erased, the drives formatted, the files were infected by a virus or due to a system error.
  • EaseUS recovery software allows you to Pause the recovery process and continue whenever you get back
  • The results of a scan can be saved or imported, hence the user wont have to wait for a long and boring new scan of the drive every time he wants to recover lost files from that specific drive unit 

Aside from being an easy to use software for any one, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is 100% safe to use, because it will not cause any physical malfunctions to the device that it is installed on. In addition, you wont have to worry about overwriting the old files over the new files, because it wont happen. The software knows better.

Please know that free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can only recovery files within 2GB limit, but you can buy any of the Data Recovery Wizard Pro or Data Recovery Wizard Pro with a bootable disc to lift that limit.

Here’s what is new in version 11.8:

  • Add Image Recognizer to filter the found pictures by content.
  • Recover Canon camera video files(.mov) more efficiently.
  • Improved the recovery quality of deleted files on NTFS partition.
  • Support searching folder by name after scanning.
  • Optimized the UI to provide better user experiences.