How Smartphones Are Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry


How Smartphones Are Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

The smartphone revolution has taken the world by storm. If there’s any doubt about that, consider the numbers: According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide in 2017 is estimated at 2.32 billion people. A staggering statistic for sure. Consider that in 2014, the number of global smartphone users was just 1.57 billion. By 2020, that figure is expected to rise sharply to 2.87 billion. There is no stopping this technological juggernaut, since mobile is the way of the future. If we drill down into the mobile usage statistics, we can clearly see differences between Android and iOS usage.

Widespread Popularity of Mobile Gaming

On 16 February 2017, an article appeared in The Verge detailing that some 99.6% of all new mobile phones run on either iOS or Android platforms. Thanks to data provided by Gartner, Blackberry and Windows Phone simply don’t feature prominently anymore. In Q2 2015, Android and iOS devices accounted for 96.8% of all smartphones sold. During Q4 2016, some 352,669,000 Android devices were sold, accounting for 81.7% of market share. By contrast, 77,038,090 iOS smartphones were sold, accounting for 17.9% of market share. These figures are sharply higher than the equivalent sales figures for Q4 2015.

Smartphones, tablets, and phablets are impacting our lives in ways never thought possible. For starters they are communication devices, interactive devices, banking devices, trading devices, health devices, entertainment devices, and computing devices all in one. The power of having everything in the palm of your hand is now possible thanks to smartphone technology. From an entertainment perspective, smartphones are the solution that gamers have been seeking for years. They provide optimized entertainment at the click of a button, from the comforts of anywhere you go. Statistics from gamers are showing an increasing trend towards mobile usage over traditional PC and Mac devices.

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