No Android Oreo software update for Galaxy S phones sooner than 2018


Android Oreo software update for Galaxy S

Software updates continue to be an issue for Android powered smartphone owners due to Google’s mobile operating system fragmentation world-wide (carriers delay, mobile makers delay and other thrid-party involved in such a process).

Android Oreo software update for Galaxy S

Among the tens of millions of frustrated users are also the one’s that bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 device this year, mainly because Samsung is not able to optimize the newly announced Android Oreo version in time to be able to distribute it by the end of the year. The rumour has it that the beta testing program hasn’t even started yet in South Korea, and according to one of Samsung’s official portals in Turkey, the software update wont be available until late January 2018 to beta testers, which means that an official firmware build will probably not arrive sooner than February – March (2018) if we add in this equation local carriers from around the globe that always have a say in the way the software is being handled and rolled out to their customers, usually with additional bloatware apps / software. Meanwhile, other manufacturer already talk about upgrading to Android P buildl in 2018.

So, if you own a Galaxy S8 or lesser expensive Samsung Galaxy device and you are wondering when it will receive an upgrade to the latest version of Android, which is Oreo, please don’t get your hopes to high for now, because it will likely not happen sooner than 3 months from now.

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