Microsoft Edge Preview browser for Android now available at Google Play store


Microsoft Edge Preview browser for Android

Gone are the days when companies such as Microsoft kept their services and products exclusively to their own platforms. Nowadays, Microsoft is trying to take a bite out of everyone’s pizza: we’ve seen them on stage at one of Apple’s press conferences, we’ve seen them develop apps to have compatibility with iOS and Android mobile operating system, and now they are launching their most recent Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 on the aforementioned mobile platforms.

Microsoft Edge Preview browser for Android

Last week Microsoft has released its Edge browser on iOS and Android. Although it was limited to Windows Insider users, it is now available to everyone in the form of a Preview version at the Google Play store for anyone to try it. 

Microsoft says that it has done this because it wants his Desktop users to be able to sync their bookmarks, passwords, browsing history to their mobile devices through Edge Preview although it is still an unstable version of the app.

So, if you are an Edge browser fan and you want to sync all of your activity from your PC Desktop or laptop on to your phone, then you should download and try Edge Preview.