RAZER teases Android smartphone launch event


RAZER teases Android smartphone launch

RAZER started 2017 in full swing with the announcement of its acquisition of Nextbit smartphone start-up company. However, we havent heard much from them since (for the last 8 months), until below image was posted on Twitter by RAZER’s CEO, Tom Moss, which immediately raised the hype among RAZER fans.


The image posted by Mr. Moss on Twitter subtly reveals RAZER’s Android smartphone partial design, which wasnt really officially confirmed by the company until RAZER made this cryptic announcement telling us to ‘WATCH for their biggest unveiling…’ on November 1, message accompanied by the image you see at the top of this story showing the same guy — Min Liang Tan hiding in the shadows while holding horizontally and staring at the same time at what it looks like a smartphone shaped device.

Excited about RAZER’s first smartphone launch event?