Stranger Things game (8bit adventure) adaptation hits Google Play store


Stranger Things game

In anticipation of Stranger Things season two premiere (October 27) on Netflix, BonusXP developer studios in partnership with aforementioned video streaming service, have today released the Stranger Things game adaption of the TV show.

Stranger Things game takes us on a retro (8bit) adventure afoot through Hawkins, in Indiana, where Hopper and the kids are set to explore and uncover new mysteries. As you progress through Stranger Things game puzzle levels, you get to see and visit again the Hawkins Lab, the Mirkwood Forest and other favourite locations from the TV show. There is even a chapter in the game where you can relive the famous van flip scene from the original Netflix show. Cool, right?

Each character has its own unique abilities (Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has a whole set of bats to swing this time), which will help users solve puzzles and level up.

Stranger Things gameplay and its retro graphics remind us of the good old days of the video games from 80’s. 

Download the game for free at Google Play store.