Pioneer WeDJ Android application now available in Play store


Pioneer WeDJ Android application

Pioneer kicked off 2017 by announcing the WeDJ application for iPhones and iPads, an app that lets one mix and add sound effects to any of the tracks in the iTunes collection. 

As of this month the WeDJ app is also available to Android users, Pionner put it up for download at Google Play store and you can grab it for free if you are into mixing music and DJ acting, but be warned that is requires in-app purchases: In-App Billing price of $0.99/€0.89 until 9th October 2017. From then on, the In-App Billing price will be the regular price of $1.99/€1.89.

Pioneer WeDJ Android application key features:

  • Colourful animated user interface for intuitive control
  • Performance features for endless creativity
  • “DDJ-WeGO4” and “DDJ-WeGO3” support for tactile control
  • Flexible layout – Choose the layout you like best, with two options for jog wheel position and displaying waveforms horizontally or vertically. 
  • Automix – Press the Automix button and WeDJ will start mixing in the next track automatically.
  • Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app.

The app itself has a lot of advanced and interesting features beside the basic Play, Pause, Tempo Slider, like a Sampler to add effects, Combo FX and much more. .

In order to work properly it requires Android running devices starting from version 4.4 and newer according to Pioneers readme note.